Spinning A Selfless Yarn

I am often asked what difference as little as $50.00-$75.00 can make in the life of the youth that FAMTAULBEE serves. Young adults that have been orphaned, abandoned, abused, neglected; living on the brink of “aging out” of the foster care system that supports them, with no place to go and no other means of care.  They are sent out into the world with the clothes on their back simply because they turned 18.

I recently had the distinct honor and privilege of spending time with about 15 of these young adults, ages 14-17. These girls are in “the system”; and currently reside at a youth services center in Eastern Kentucky.

After spending a few minutes, I asked “What do you girls need or want? What can I get for you (give to you) right now? How can I help?”
“Yarn” one of the girls replied.
“Yarn?” I asked—slightly confused by the response.
“Yes, yarn. We are learning to crochet blankets here and would like to crochet a lot of blankets and give them to the homeless so they can keep warm”. Another girl immediately jumped in and said that she would volunteer to crochet a huge sack to put all the blankets in so they “could deliver them like Santa Claus”. I was flabbergasted. The girls continued to chatter with excitement about the possibilities as I sat there, speechless, silently exchanging looks of surprise with the Director of Development of this youth services center. Both of us had tears in our eyes as the girls excitedly began exchanging ideas about all of the things they could do for the homeless if they just had the right supplies.

The homeless? These girls are currently dealing with some incredibly challenging obstacles in their life (in addition to the “typical” teenage challenges!) their main concern is the fact that winter was right around the corner and the homeless needed blankets to keep them warm!  They were thinking first about the needs of others not themselves. They were not asking for iPod’s, X-boxes or anything of the like!

We were still somewhat in a daze when a couple of the girls asked if we wanted to see the blankets that they are crocheting. “YES!” we both said without hesitation. The girls retrieved their blankets and proudly displayed them—I was in more awe than ever. They were gorgeous! Again, we were reduced to tears and amazement. I still cannot tell this story without feeling the emotion of the moment and seeing every one of their faces glowing with the excitement of their plan to help others. That moment alone has changed my life forever and I have tears in my eyes as I write this.

A skein costs only between $2.50-$5.99 (Red Heart brand, made in the USA), not on sale and it takes 10-15 skeins of yarn to create a blanket that would fit on a bed (also would be big enough for an adult to wrap themselves in).

If this happiness is what a few skeins of yarn can accomplish in the lives of a young girl facing an uncertain future, just think about what you can do. As the holidays come ask yourself if you know anyone willing to give up a $5.00 Friday morning coffee house concoction to change a young girls life.  I for one am willing! Are you?

So I ran out an bought some yarn…………..


Here are some of the examples of the incredible crochet-work the girls are doing!

IMG957428 IMG953146 IMG_0401 IMG_1134 IMG_9250 IMG_9173 IMG_7095 IMG_6370



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