Our Mission

The Fred and Mary Taulbee Charitable Foundation is committed to bettering the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in the United States. FAMTAULBEE functions as a bridge organization for the orphaned and abandoned children who are aging out of the critical support systems in which they have grown up.

Our mission is to ensure the success of orphaned & abandoned young adults between the ages of 17-24 in their pursuit of higher education and career paths through financial assistance, mentoring and life skills training.

The Foundation was launched in Louisville Kentucky in the spring of 2013 and plans to expand our outreach into the other twelve Appalachian states as part of our ten year development plan. Our next two launches will be West Virginia and Tennessee. Our ultimate goal is to be able to reach as many young adults in the United States as possible. No one should be forgotten.

Our volunteers are working diligently forging partnerships with children’s homes, orphanages, and donors to ensure the success and sustainability of our programs.

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