Our Founder

Our Founder, Mary Taulbee
Mary Taulbee

The Fred and Mary Taulbee Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 Private Operating Foundation founded in November of 2012 to benefit the orphaned and abandoned children of Appalachia. Fred Taulbee was a Kentucky native born and raised in Campton and Mary was originally from Muncie, Indiana.

Due to circumstances in their own childhoods the Taulbees had a love for and desire to help orphaned and abandoned children. When she was taken by cancer in 2012 Mary established the Foundation as a part of her Trust thus ensuring her philanthropic desires would live on.

The Foundation functions as a bridge organization for the orphaned and abandoned children of Appalachia who are aging out of the critical support systems they have come to depend on. In our opinion, and I believe you will agree, an eighteenth birthday should be cause for celebration of the future, not fear of the unknown.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky will fund college for these orphaned children, yet even so, less than 2% pursue a secondary education after graduating high school. Our goal is to change that.

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