“The four cornerstones of character on which the structure of this nation was built are:
Initiative, Imagination, Individuality and Independence”

– Edward Vernon Rickenbacker

Cornerstones is our premiere program designed to provide exceptionally talented students substantial help with college related expenses, including housing, transportation, relocation expenses, and much more. The premise behind Cornerstones is to take some of the pressure off and allow participants to concentrate on their educational excellence and successfully graduate college with an advanced degree.

In a word character is what qualifies a young adult for his program. While we believe academic performance is certainly a good marker we look far beyond numbers on standardized tests. Each of the candidates for Cornerstones is referred to us through our partner organizations and interviewed personally by our team.

Cornerstones is a partnership of private business and the Fred and Mary Taulbee Charitable Foundation benefitting orphaned and abandoned children between the ages of 17-24 originally from the Appalachian Region of the United States.

Cornerstones arranges and provides paid internship opportunities with our corporate sponsors in a variety of fields including legal, business, the arts, and sciences.

Cornerstones allows a student to work in a professional environment to build and acquire the necessary skills to achieve advanced degrees in their chosen field while maintaining focus on studies.

Cornerstones provides housing assistance, transportation assistance, life skills enhancement, and 24/7 availability of The Foundation’s staff for problem solving.

Cornerstones accepts candidates by reference only from CEO’s and Directors of our partner organizations. Each candidate is interviewed personally by our trustees Nick Taulbee and Brenda Heintz and upon acceptance will receive assistance from the Foundation throughout their higher education. We are looking for individuals that do not necessarily conform, possess a strong ability to think outside the box, and possess unique abilities.

Cornerstones is character based and personal responsibility focused and is intended for those wishing to be highly successful. While academic performance is used as a qualifier we feel it is far from the only indicator of character.

Cornerstones is funded by a unique employee donation program with matching funds provided by our corporate sponsors, and the Foundation’s endowment.

Candidates for Cornerstones have been orphaned either traditionally or by methamphetamine and prescription drug abuse and are from the Appalachian region as defined by the Appalachian Regional Commission.

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