Andre Wilson, CEO Style Icon

“Every year we choose a charity to highlight during our event. This year I am honored to introduce an emerging non-profit The Fred and Mary Taulbee Foundation. The Taulbee Foundation focuses on orphaned and abandoned children that are aging out of the critical support and state systems which they depend on. The statistics on these teens are staggering. Studies have shown that 10% – 15% of these children commit suicide before the age of 18.
More than 60% of the boys become hardened criminals
More than 40% of the girls become prostitutes.
More than 70% of women receive government benefits to meet basic needs.
Thursday, Oct 23rd, we enjoyed a Fall/Holiday fashion experience, had some much needed fun and raised awareness and hope for a forgotten segment of our own children that need our help.”


  AndreWAndré has created success for his clients in business, socially and improved confidence and self esteem. He has shown that by      developing an effective professional image you can make an immediate and positive impact that is noticed within the first 10-30 seconds of introduction.

As a well-respected high-end fashion consultant with 20 years of extensive industry knowledge of trends and celebrity styling, André is a sought after professional who works with celebrity, public and private clients.

While working with individuals and small groups are his passion, André also works with several charities in Louisville, KY and Los Angeles, CA to produce unforgettable fashion events. André’s charity events have participants experience fashion in a way that can often only be replicated in Paris or New York.


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