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Our Founder, Mary Taulbee
Mary Taulbee

The Fred and Mary Taulbee Charitable Foundation is a 501c3 Private Operating Foundation founded in November of 2012 to benefit the orphaned and abandoned children of Appalachia. Fred Taulbee was a Kentucky native born and raised in Campton and Mary was originally from Muncie, Indiana.

Due to circumstances in their own childhoods the Taulbees had a love for and desire to help orphaned and abandoned children. When she was taken by cancer in 2012 Mary established the Foundation as a part of her Trust thus ensuring her philanthropic desires would live on.

The Foundation functions as a bridge organization for the orphaned and abandoned children of Appalachia who are aging out of the critical support systems they have come to depend on. In our opinion, and I believe you will agree, an eighteenth birthday should be cause for celebration of the future, not fear of the unknown.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky will fund college for these orphaned children, yet even so, less than 2% pursue a secondary education after graduating high school. Our goal is to change that.

The mission of the Fred and Mary Taulbee Charitable Foundation is to ensure the success of orphaned and abandoned young adults between the ages of 17-24 from the Appalachian Region as they pursue higher education and career paths. We accomplish this through financial assistance, mentoring and life skills training. As part of our pay it forward model we in turn ask that successful beneficiaries of our program offer internship and mentoring opportunities to others.


Our Staff


Brenda Heintz

Executive Director

Brenda’s extensive non-profit management background and event planning expertise combined with her endless energy are the perfect combination for the Executive Director of The Foundation. As part of her duties as Executive Director Brenda works with our vendors and partners scheduling and arranging our many yearly events. In addition to her other achievements Brenda is also a cancer survivor.




Nick Taulbee

Program Administrator

As an adopted child Nick takes a very personal interest in the Foundation his mother Mary, our patron, asked him to start upon her death in September of 2012. In creating The Foundation she wished to give back to the area that had given her many of the things she most cherished. Nick’s background in development and project management in the heavy construction and mining  industries will serve The Foundation well as he develops and implements our programs. Nick has also spent many years as a volunteer firefighter and First Responder where he enjoyed the rewards that giving bring.




Roger Haverty

Director of Special Projects

Roger comes from an Arizona pioneer family and his specialty is project management. He has spent most of his life in the mining industry. He was born and raised in the small town of Benson, Arizona and has worked in many interesting places while working his way up to mine management.
Roger’s focus and drive combined with his ability to motivate people is invaluable to the Foundation. Never being one to settle for second best or less than 100% has served him well in his endeavors thus far, and he sees no reason to change that approach now.

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